Diary Of A Depression Survivor: Your Mental Health To-do List

 Author: Paulami Dam, Junior Research Fellow

I was reading a diary of a chronic depression survivor. She was my friend. She used to take antidepressants as well as regular counselling sessions. There were two lines written on the very first page of the diary.

“One day I thought that only I, in this world, can save myself. I’m making a resolution that I will survive this ghost and come back stronger.” 

I was going through the pages and thought of sharing them with my readers. She had written a to-do list for herself. I am sharing it with you. Remember, you are strong and you, too, can come back stronger and fiercer.

Diary Of A Depression Survivor: Your Mental Health To-do List


  1. Avoid self-criticism and embrace yourself with care and respect.
  2. Dress with your favourite outfits. Do your hair. Ladies! Put on some make-up. 
  3. Take a warm bath.
  4. Grab on your favourite coffee cup and read your favourite book again.


  1. Find time for your favourite hobbies, interests and activities. 
  2. Explore your hidden talents.  
  3. Nurture and enhance the skills you already have.


  1. Experiment with new things you always wanted to do.
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument. 
  3. Go dancing sessions. 
  4. Take part in quiz or debate competitions. 
  5. Learn a new language. 


  1. Consume healthy food (Remember, it’s important!). Health is wealth and has a direct effect on mental health too.
  2. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. It has a negative effect on brain function and activities.
  3. Drink sufficient water. Hydrate your body.
  4. Exercise daily. Go to the gym. Exercise helps to ease depression.
  5. Yoga or deep breathing exercise calms the brain.
  6. Get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to anxiety and neurological disorders.


Individuals who have a rich interpersonal or familial network are often happier than those who do not. Hang out with a supporting family or friends. Explore new places i.e. a local restaurant, a park or an unseen travel destination.


Support somebody by offering your time and effort. It feels good to help someone in need. It feels good to make a person smile every day. It makes you feel worth living on this earth.

Diary Of A Depression Survivor: Your Mental Health To-do List


In the 21st century, the human lifestyle has been intertwined with stress. Say work pressure, social life or family management, stress is everywhere. You can not ignore it, but can deal with it. 

  1. Learn to calm your mind. Stop a minute and think why are you in stress. No matter   you have a solution or not, 
  2. Laugh. Laugh without any reason. It helps you to secret happiness hormones.
  3. Meditate before going to bed and after waking up.
  4. Practice prayers. Prayers can increase mindfulness and calm your mind.
  5. Spend time in nature and greenery. 
  6. Exercise. It boosts up the mood.
  7. Keet pets. Spend time with them.
  8. Find happiness in little things.


Whenever you feel low, go through the pages. The struggle you had. How you won! The achievements (no matter as little as winning a school quiz in 7th standard) you had in your life. Build up self-confidence. You are strong and you are on your way to making life bigger.


Don’t overthink little matters. Let it be. What is yours, will always be yours. What is going to happen, will happen. If you can change something, it is the way of approach towards life and your response to the situations. Work on yourself instead of others around you. Go with the flow. 

Diary Of A Depression Survivor: Your Mental Health To-do List


Last, but not least - SHARE. Share your feelings. Share your anxiety. Share the untold stories you are carrying within you all through life. Be it your best friend or a supportive family member or a stranger sitting beside you on the park bench. Just share.


Cry your heart out if you want to. Don’t let your sadness or depression eat you from inside. There’s nothing wrong with tears. After you are done, your vision is clear and you see life in a different way. Forgive the wrong people in your lives and let them go. People who forgive others, usually have greater mental health and are happier in their life.

Note: As said earlier, she fulfilled her resolution. She did come back stronger and is leading a very productive life along with several achievements. Now she is a mental health influencer and she is helping people in need.

Even though these practices are not a "solution" for mental illnesses, they are beneficial and necessary for emotional wellbeing. Please keep in mind that certain psychiatric disorders can indeed be life-threatening, so get treatment from a doctor or a therapist if required.


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